Ozzy Osbourne, who made headlines for biting the head off a live dove many moons ago, has completely flipped over a new leaf. In a move that would shock the Ozzman who bit the head off a bird, the new and improved metal legend is attempting a vegan diet in order to get healthy.

The singer allegedly made the switch to an animal product-free diet after watching 'Forks Over Knives,' a documentary that details the pluses associated with veganism.

In case you are not well-versed in alternative diets, being vegan means no meat, no fish, no poultry, no dairy, no eggs, no cheese, no honey. Anything derived from animals is a no-no.

Ozzy revealed his new lifestyle choice during a chat with his wife Sharon on the TV show 'The Talk' this past Tuesday. He revealed that his assistant showed him 'Forks Over Knives' and that made him decide to try something different.

Watch 'Vegan Diet Benefits and Risks'

While going vegan is often a slow and measured process, and one that has immediate effects on the body as you get used to the digestive changes, Ozzy said he isn't experiencing anything negative. He said, "I feel OK actually, I feel better about myself, you know? I go on binges. That's the reason why I decided to cut out meat out and dairy because I've limited what I can have because when you're on the road and you're traveling, you grab buns and... burgers are everywhere... so now I've just narrowed the margin."

The terms of Ozzy's commitment to a vegan diet are uncertain. The singer joked, "I'm not saying I'm gonna do it forever; I might go back, when my wife learns to cook. So that'll be never!"

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