"I always try to think, you know, whether we're playing for millions 20 years down the road or just playing for a few of our friends back at home – that's a win," Pop Evil lead singer Leigh Kakaty tells Noisecreep. "All I know is that we've got two singles out, being a baby band, we're excited and respectful and appreciative and we have a long journey to go."

Pop Evil may be a "baby band" on a major label technicality, but don't let Kakaty fool you: the group has been around for years, working diligently for fame and wider exposure. Forming in Michigan in 2001, the members of Pop Evil write songs with big hooks and influences from the heartland. Stories of love and loss are prevalent – but that doesn't mean there isn't a party atmosphere and a definite sense of camaraderie.

"At the end of the day, we're people. It isn't rocket science I always say. Five guys, six counting our DJ. So, six of us that grew up together. We weren't pieced together. We all hung out in bars, went to clubs, before we played together. So it's exciting to see – not just the success of our band members – but the excitement of friends and family that have been there from day one."

Universal just rereleased 'Lipstick on the Mirror,' the album that should make Pop Evil a household name. Fueled by the singles, "100 in a 55" and "Hero," the band is set to tour the summer with Judas Priest and Whitesnake. In fact, the band hasn't officially been off the road since June 2008. Still, that's okay with Kakaty. "As long as we keep up the road thing and keep writing good music, the good lord will take care and watch over us. Without being spiritual or religious, I always say music is our religion. I can't predict the future, so I don't worry about that. We just try to put on the best show we can live."