Metal Christmas songs are not limited to bands doing turned up, louder and riffier versions of 'Jingle Bell Rock.' A vast assortment of holiday hymns and seasonal favorites are twisted, turned and offered up by metal and hard rock bands.

These renditions are truly metallic versions of festive faves and Christmas classics, making for songs that music fans with a preference for loud, fast, hard and heavy can enjoy, too! There are also several Christmas originals penned by rockers, as well. The choices for heavy metal holiday anthems are ENDLESS!

Though there is already a Metal Christmas Songs list on Noisecreep, we decided it was time to update your holiday playlist with a group of songs that are perfect for headbanging all season long. While it might be easy to quickly assume that most holiday metal songs are hokey or gimmicky, these 10 are actually pretty freakin' awesome. So before you spew a "Bah! Humbug!" at the idea of metal Christmas tunes, check out our list of the 10 More Best Metal Christmas Songs.

  • 'Frosty the Snowman'

    August Burns Red

    August Burns Red take the children's classic 'Frosty the Snowman' and transforms it into a moshy, riffy anthem with their instrumental version. It's a guitar-driven take on a fun and familiar song, complete with festive squalls and the signature ABR stamp.

  • 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'

    Far featuring Chino Moreno

    Sacramento's Far partnered with Deftones' Chino Moreno to cover Band Aid's classic 'Do They Know It's Christmas?,' the original of which featured Bono. Given the close geographical and sonic associations between Far and Deftones, and their previous partnerships, the fact Moreno participated in this holiday rocker doesn't surprise us. It's raw and boasts screamy parts, giving it a totally metal edge.

  • 'Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End)'

    The Darkness

    What a festive, get-you-in-the-spirt epic! The Darkness, known for their over-the-top bombast, offer up a holiday jam with heart and their signature glam rock aplomb. Singer Justin Hawkins does his best Freddie Mercury impression, with his reach-for-the-heavens voice. In fact, the song sounds like a room-filling Queen epic. Listening to this song totally takes the sting out of holiday shopping and its misery!

  • 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen'


    When your last name is Dio, which translates to "God," it's only fitting that you sing a Christmas classic that means a lot to Christians. The late Dio's powerhouse voice is the perfect match for 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,' as are Tony Iommi's sludgy, bottom-swelling riffs. A revered hymn was transmogrified into something else. We bet even priests and nuns would headbang to this take on the song.

  • 'Silent Night'


    Manowar are known for their fist-in-the-air, adrenaline-pumping metal madrigals and they do not disappoint with their version of the holiest of holiday songs -- 'Silent Night.' Manowar could have "Manowarred" the song, but they didn't. It's quite reverential and beautiful, with a metallic mid-section, and that's why it's one of the 10 More Best Metal Christmas Songs.

  • 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer'

    Dez Fafara, John Tempesta, Blasko and Doug Aldrich

    Dez Fafara, Blasko and co. turn 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' into such a metal track that if it wasn't for the lyrics, you might not recognize it as the children's classic that it is. We're officially drafting Rudolph as the mascot of metal, thanks to this roaring song. It's the juxtaposition of the festive sounds and Fafara's guttural growl that make this a really enjoyably blast.

  • 'Carol of the Bells'

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    Don't let the "orchestra" part of their name fool you. Trans-Siberian Orchestra rock and they are known for bringing the heavy to a number of holiday classics. 'Carol of the Bells,' in particular, starts innocently enough, but it's not long before your headbanging can begin. This rockin' holiday classic deserves a spot on our list of 10 More Best Metal Christmas Songs list.

  • 'X-M@$'

    Corey Taylor

    Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor delivers a a comedic and satirical take on the nonsense spewed forth by those who don't love Christmas. While everyone and their mother enjoys the yuletide season, Corey's protagonist doesn't. If he ain't drunk, it ain't Christmas. It's another alternate way of viewing the season, one that is incredibly foul-mouthed. Joy to the world, with Jack and Cokes. For his part, Taylor loves Christmas; his song just pokes fun at seasonal Scrooges.

  • 'Santa Claws Is Coming to Town'

    Alice Cooper

    The shock rocker Alice Cooper is most closely associated with Halloween but he gets in on the Christmas fun with this fun, dark version that metal-loving parents should employ when the kids start acting up around the holidays! Featuring Billy Sheehan, John 5 and Vinny Appice, it's an all-star rager for Coop. We'll trade St. Nick for Santa sinking his Claws into us any day of the week.

  • 'Run Rudolph Run'

    Lemmy Kilmister, Dave Grohl and Billy F. Gibbons

    Do we really need to point out why 'Run Rudolph Run' makes our list of 10 More Best Metal Christmas Songs? It's Lemmy, for God's sake, offering up a punkabilly and metal version of the song, with support from Dave Grohl and ZZ Top's Billy F. Gibbons. It's a true headbanging, holiday gem, powered by Lemmy's whiskey-soaked, gravelly vocals. Any song that can factor Lemmy into the holidays is aces in our book and to our ears.

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