Morbid Angel have just signed to Season of Mist, an independent record label based out of Marseilles, France with a satellite in Philadelphia. Focusing on black, pagan and death metal releases, the label -- now over a decade old -- has shifted towards avant-garde, gothic metal and punk bands. Much like Morbid Angel, who have been around for nearly three decades, their reputation is built on being extreme and authentic.

Frontman David Vincent says that he is happy about working with Season of Mist. In a recent interview, he intimates that its founder, Michael Berberian, "has a lot of artistic vision and is a real music fan."

Guitarist Trey Azagthoth added that "the French have always shown me they much more value art over fabricated, flatlined hype, and it's this artistic minded value that will open so many new doors for extreme music as a whole."

The Tampa-based band will release their ninth album with Season of Mist in 2010.

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