Brace yourself for Russia's latest musical export, Louna. The female-fronted outfit, led by Lou Gevorkian, are debuting their new lyric video for 'Fight Club' exclusively via Noisecreep.

The video is a little more elaborate than your typical lyric video, with plenty of focus to be centered on the action taking place. Lou and her band deliver a powerful live performance for their new song 'Fight Club.' This high-energy clip gives you an idea of what's to come when the band makes their first major inroads in the U.S. this fall.

Speaking of which, the band is making their way to the U.S. with the Pretty Reckless and Heaven's Basement on shows this fall. The trek launches tomorrow (Sept. 25) in Jacksonville, Fla. and continues through Nov. 3. “This is the first time that a major rock band from Russia has visited America since the 1980’s,” states Gevorkian. “We’re happy to visit 26 cities with the Pretty Reckless and our new friends in Heaven’s Basement and to play our music to you, because we’re a band that wants to sing about peace, wants to sing about love, wants to sing about freedom, friendship, and no wars, no pain and no discrimination.” See their full itinerary here.

The group knows they have hurdles to clear before building a following stateside. As such, they also have compiled a Top 10 list of Reasons Why You're Probably Not Taking Louna Seriously. It reads as follows:

10. Lao-ooh-na? Lunah? What?

 Seriously people, it’s not that f---ing hard to say. LOU-na. Two syllables. Think tuna with an L. You’ve got a buttload of people in America named Lou. Lou Diamond Phillips. Lou Holtz. Lou Ferrigno. Lou Reed. Lou Gehrig. Now, Lou Gevorkian. Add the last part of sha-na-na to the end and whammo ... Louna. If you get confused, listen to track one on our 'Behind a Mask' CD and you’ll hear 3,000 kids chanting it. Next.

9. Russia is the Enemy. 
As one of your prominent politicians said during your last presidential campaign, “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back.” You think we enjoyed living under a dictatorship? The problems we had under the Soviet Union are starting to creep upon us again and our lyrics are our way of fighting against oppression and injustice. So if you’d like our two countries to continue to have absolutely no shared culture, then go back to listening to great North American artists like Justin Beiber. We’re trying to open your eyes to a bigger world and we’ve got a lot to say.

8. Who’s going to take an Armenian born singer seriously?
 We think about 13 million different people have already. But, you should ask System of a Down to be sure. We really want to thank Erwin Khachikian from Serj Tankian for composing and performing the keyboards on track 10 of 'Behind a Mask,' 'Inside.'

7. Nobody can understand Russian.
 Yeah, we know. We don’t expect you to. You know how someone answers a question like “Do you want some coffee?” in Russian? They’ll answer, “Yes, no, maybe.” And mysteriously, we understand what they want. There’s no way we’d put you through that torture. We spent two years with our American producer and lyricist making our lyrics into English and ensuring that not one syllable sounds Russian anywhere either in sense or accent. If you listen to our CD you’re going to understand every word and every idea. You might not agree with what we’re saying, but you won’t misunderstand what we mean.

6. If you’re so famous in Russia why have I never heard of you? Gee. You listen to much music in other languages? Probably not. Why you think we’ve worked so hard to put out our songs in English? We’re not Rammstein and we’re not going to have an S&M show on stage at our concerts (sorry guys), so we’ve got to rely on our music and ideas. If we were from America, we’d be selling out stadiums there by now too. We won the equivalent of your Grammy or American Music Award for Best New Artist (2009 RAMP), Rock Song of the Year (2011 Nashe), Female Vocalist of the Year (2012 Nashe) and we’ve been nominated for Album of the Year, Band of the Year, etc. We’ve played on the main stage at festivals and to crowds of over 100,000 people, we’ve headlined sold out stadium shows with over 15,000 in attendance and we have sold out or nearly sold out every concert we’ve put on in the last few years. We don’t have a huge fan base in America because we’ve not tried until now. Game on.

5. I listened to your Russian albums and you sound like a garage band. Again, why spend a ton of money on post-production for a CD nobody is going to actually buy. For our English CD, 'Behind a Mask,' our producer got the best engineer anywhere, Dan Korneff, from New York who also worked with a few little bands you may have heard of like Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance, Lamb of God, Breaking Benjamin, The Pretty Reckless, Paramore, etc. and the world’s best mastering engineer, Ted Jensen from Sterling Sound in New York. If you listen to this CD you are going to hear the absolute best sound quality that exists in a modern rock CD. We’re coming for you America.

4. Female fronted bands suck.
 It’s that kind of attitude that keeps you in your mother’s basement. We have two words for you: Halestorm Grammy. There are a LOT of kick ass bands in the world with female lead vocals -- In This Moment, No Doubt, Doro, Paramore, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Joan Jett, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish (not getting into the debate about which vocalist), Epica, etc. These bands might not be your style or personal flavah, but there isn’t anybody who can argue that they’re not popular or talented in their chosen style of music. Don’t hate on women, there’s enough mysogyny in the world already.

3. Why don’t you have a million albums sold already?
 Have you seen torrent sites lately? Those strange letters and words across the screen that surround the place you probably got your last ten CDs aren’t some strange alien language designed to ensure that only pop musicians get promoted in the modern age. Those are the words from the world’s foremost authority on intellectual property theft: our countrymen. We’re amazing at it as a country. Probably for every one CD we sell we’re ripped off for a thousand or more. We’d kill to have your piracy problem where the ratio is somewhere closer to 1 out of 100. Our equivalent of Facebook here features music players on everybody’s home page that anyone can just upload their favorite songs to or copy to their own wall without any regard for the artist. We don’t really blame people for doing it, but it does make it super hard to convince people in the west that we’re the real deal when we can’t show them big sales numbers to back up our awards and concert attendance.

2. Gorky Park.
 Yeah, we’re pretty embarrassed by that one too. Those guys took every stereotype of Russia and exploited them for commercial gain. Our shows don’t have any electric folk guitars, dancing bears, Soviet flags waving, or any of that glam metal stuff. We were little kids when this band came out and honestly we didn’t care about them, or if they were famous or not in America. Looking back we’d probably have preferred you never heard 'Moscow Calling' or 'Bang.' From all of us, please accept our apologies for that on behalf of our entire nation.

1. t.A.T.u. 
It wasn’t enough for our countrymen to exploit Soviet stereotypes, but these two girls and their managers decided it was a pretty good idea to exploit an entire culture of people. We’re not lesbians or fake lesbians, and we would NEVER pretend to be something we’re not just to sell records. We’re just musicians and our life is rock. We sing about what we believe in, we write our own songs, we practice everyday and we believe in what we’re doing.

Louna's 'Behind a Mask' album is out now. Catch them on tour this fall.