Kayo Dot

While many major metal bands are playing albums in full (from Opeth to Megadeth), it is still a rarity to see a more underground, experimental metal band do the same. On Feb. 6, Kayo Dot not only played two albums in full, but they played them to sold out crowds.

"We all know, as a band, that 'Choirs of the Eye' is our most popular album. So we thought that a lot of people would want to see that," Kayo Dot's Toby Driver told Noisecreep about the avant-garde metal group's first set at The Stone. Driver also used the set as an excuse to have former member Greg Massi -- who left the band in 2006 -- play with them again.

"We can't do many of those tunes without an extra guitar player. And being a special show like that, instead of just some gig, we convinced Greg it would be a good idea to get involved. Instead of saying 'Hey we're gonna play at some shitty bar somewhere in Conneticut. Wanna play with us?'"

"Also, 'Choirs of the Eye' is on Tzadik [Records] ... The Stone is [John] Zorn's venue, and Tzadik is Zorn's label. So, I thought it all kind of fit."

Along with the Zorn/Stone connection, the band has gotten requests from younger fans to play their older material.

"When that album came out we toured and those were the only songs we had so we used to play it all the time. [laughs] But actually a lot of our fans now are teenagers. We read online all the time, "why don't they ever play those songs on tour in the United States?" And it's like yeah, we did. Five years ago, we played them all the time. We probably played those tunes a 100 times each around the United States. It's just that none of those kids were at the shows."

You can also catch Kayo Dot's Toby Driver doing an improvised electric guitar set with Extra Life's Charlie Looker at the Stone on Feb. 21.

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