Get ready for the worst wall of death you may ever see!

It happened at the Appalachian Wireless Arena in Pikeville, Kentucky where Australian metalcore group Alpha Wolf attempted to orchestrate the ultra common and widely popular wall of death — the mosh pit move where the crowd splits in two, forming "walls" on opposite ends of the floor and wait for the band's signal to run and smash into each other.

Remarkably, just about every person in attendance at this Sept. 11 show appears to lack even the slightest awareness of the wall of death's existence, resulting in an all-time fail.

The wall of death is typically reserved for a special part of the set and during a song a band identifies as being the perfect moment where only a mass collision of human bodies could make that moment even better. More often than not, it's done during a breakdown.

Alpha Wolf shared a video clip of this incident, joking that it's worthy of a top 10 wall of death fail compilation video. "It's okay Kentucky we still love you," they reassure fans who failed during the big moment.

It's a perfect setup — some cymbal bashing, ferocious screaming and, of course, the finger point to the sky, informing the crowd that it's almost time.

Then the breakdown starts and nothing happens. The massive opening on the floor never closes, nobody smashes into each other and the show awkwardly continues as the lights over the mild crowd go dim.

Watch below.

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Alpha Wolf are set to hit the road on Sept. 16 as part of Motionless In White's headlining North American tour with other special guests Knocked Loose and After the Burial. Head here to see all the upcoming dates.

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