Check out our new Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? video compilation "Lies the Internet Told About Thrash Metal."

There's no shortage of legends and rumors about the heyday of thrash, but luckily, we've spoken to some of the most iconic musicians from the scene and were able to get some of the stories straight. We compiled clips of some of the lies that Wikipedia told about thrash metal that were disproven, and turned them into one episode.

One of the Wikipedia myths said that Kerry King's guitar playing on Slayer's albums Hell Awaits and Reign in Blood was intended to "mimic the screams of the songs' victims."

That comment had King scratching his head.

"Nobody died in those songs," the guitarist said.

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Some of the revelations actually made for really interesting stories. Gary Holt explained that while he was a roadie for Exodus, he became close friends with a legendary guitarist that taught him how to play his first chords on the guitar — which led to him becoming the new guitarist of Exodus.

Ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, Anthrax's Scott Ian and Frank Bello and Slayer's Tom Araya are among the lineup of thrash musicians you'll see debunk lies told about the genre in the video, so watch it for yourself below.

Lies the Internet Told About Thrash Metal

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