Noisecreep is proud to bring you the debut of the new Hoobastank video, "Can You Save Me." The song comes off of Fight or Flight, the California group's fifth studio album.

Recently, Noisecreep spoke with Hoobastank guitarist Dan Estrin, who also directed the clip, to get some background on it.

So Dan, looks like you are officially getting "Director" title.

[Laughs] Well I got an email that said I directed it, I guess because I was the most involved with it. I shot a lot of it, a lot of it's my own footage so while I didn't expect to get a director's credit and I'm not going to fight it, I guess I was pretty involved.

The video is nice in that it's kind of a band documentary.

I'm a music history dude and I could watch documentaries all day, that's what kind of inspired this visually. Documentaries are very valuable for helping teach peace people about music and with this new video we're teaching people a bit about our band. Even when I was a kid I loved watching music documentaries though. And today, reality TV shows are so popular that it's become a given that people want to see a little bit more about your band.

You have some footage in there from the band's trip to Iraq last year.

That was important to include. We had an awesome time playing for the troops. Also. originally we were going to make a slightly different video, where little facts would come up to tell people what they were seeing but then we decided enough of it looked pretty obvious people that people get a sense of what they were watching.

Watch 'Can You Save Me?' Video

Can you imagine releasing more of the behind-the-scenes stuff as time goes on?

I like to release footage of the band when I can. I've been the dude that's been filming the band forever. I have video of our very first get-together with the first bass player back in 94. I have our first show in the backyard with Incubus watching. The Linkin Park guys and some other bands from our area are in there, too. It's pretty amazing stuff.

Wow. Will it ever see the light of day?

I'm not sure because it involves a lot of other bands. But someday maybe. Some of it's cool but some of it is a little embarrassing. It might be fun to create a montage of little pieces of all of these things. I have just tons of VHS tapes around the house that chart the history of the band. It might be fun at some point to create a documentary series on our YouTube channel or something like that and sort of let it out bit by bit.

Fight or Flight is available now via Open E Entertainment on iTunes and Amazon.