Ghost legions, rejoice! Not only will the ghastly Swedish outfit be hitting the road for another headlining North American tour, they're set to release the Popestar EP this Friday (Sept. 16). The new song "Square Hammer," which premiered on SiriusXM Octane earlier today, can be heard above.

The song is among the most infectious tracks Ghost have ever penned, starting off with a driving drum beat and an undeniable keyboard lick. "Square Hammer" then entertains a plodding, palm-muted riff as Papa Emeritus III's terse phrasing and ethereal voice reigns in their most familiar elements. The chorus gleams with an undeniable air of catchiness, backed by a powerful riff that blends the Blue Oyster Cult influence of their early days with something akin to the guitar work on the first two Def Leppard records.

A Nameless Ghoul commented on the song to SiriusXM, stating, “We’re very proud of it. We’re obviously thrilled to be able to play something new. This is a short, to-the-point little gem right at the jugular.” "Square Hammer" has a huge pop feel to it, giving credence to Ghost's play on words as they're set to embark on the 'Popestar' tour on Sept. 16 (tour dates here).

The clergy also have also revealed the details behind the Popestar EP, which will serve as the successor to the incredibly successful Meliora album that saw Ghost take home a GRAMMY for Best Metal Performance with the single "Cirice." Check out the artwork and track listing below.

“If you hear the EP, don’t think that, ‘Oh, the next album is gonna sound exactly like this,’ but that is a good way for us to sneak in elements that are, like, you might hear a synth sound like this on the next record, but not as evident," a Nameless Ghoul told No Brown M&Ms, later adding, "...we’re doing something else in order to get people to feel comfortable with [the direction of the next album].”

Ghost, Popestar EP Artwork


Ghost, Popestar Track Listing:

01. "Square Hammer"
02. "Nocturnal Me"
03. "I Believe"
04. "Missionary Man"
05. "Bible"

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