Ryan Russell

Transit is a melodic post-hardcore group hailing from Boston, Mass. If you're fan of mid to late '90s records by bands like Braid and Promise Ring, then you should be all over 'Listen & Forgive,' Transit's just released sophomore album. Listen to the entire album over at our sister site, Spinner.com. Tomorrow they kick off a tour with Saves the Day, Bayside and I Am the Avalanche, but we caught up with guitarist Tim Landers and he gave us his list of the five albums that changed his life.

'Songs for the Self Destructive'
Moment (2001)
"I wish more people had heard this band. I wish I had seen this band. A friend showed me the track 'How I've Been Lately' my freshman year of high school and I was so taken aback. The guitar work was beautiful, the songs lacked any definite structure- it was just raw emotion. But, the best part was the lyrics. I would get that whole lyric booklet tattooed on my body (I've considered it). From angry songs, to love songs, to anthems – they're all there. This album literally changed the way I looked at music."
'Idle Will Kill'
Osker (2001)
"I think after the third or fourth time I heard the song 'Disconnect, Disconnect' I knew Osker was going to be one of my favorite bands. Transit was playing one of our first out of state shows ever in Syracuse. I was drunk, and someone put it on in a basement after I'd heard it earlier on the ride that day. I was just like, "Damn, this is good." I'll never forget it. No one sounds like 'Idle Will Kill.' It's so f---ing mean, sad, and awesome."
'Stay What You Are'
Saves the Day (2001)
"I don't even really have much to say about it. If you've heard this record you know why it's amazing."
Rocky Votolato (2006)
"I owe about three years' worth of good night sleeps to Rocky Votolato. He was my iPod headphone soundtrack almost every single night. The songs on 'Makers' are undeniably beautiful and heartwarming. The guitar work is perfect and he literally has the voice of an angel. I would actually sell my soul to trade vocal chords with him."
'Third Eye Blind'
Third Eye Blind (1997)
"This is the first CD I ever owned as a kid. Third Eye Blind songs were the first songs I ever learned how to play on guitar. I still think this record is as good as I thought it was when I was 12-years-old. It's just a perfect rock record. I want to be in a Third Eye Blind cover band. I think they call those bar bands nowadays, though."
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