Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan has just unveiled his new project, Fight or Flight. Also featuring his Disturbed bandmate, drummer Mike Wengren, and Evans Blue singer Dan Chandler, Fight or Flight will release their debut album, A Life by Design? on July 23r via Warner Bros. Records.

The first single, "First of the Last" will impact radio on May 21. You can preview the track below.

"During our hiatus from Disturbed, the separation anxiety from the fans came rather quickly," explains Donegan. The guitarist began writing songs on his own, and last year connected with Chandler about a possible collaboration. The two emailed each other songs back and forth and met in person whenever Chandler was in Donegan's hometown of Chicago. When they had enough material to record, Donegan turned Wengren and the three entered the studio. Rounding out the lineup is Ra's Sean Corcoran on bass and backing vocals, and Jeremy Jayson on guitar and backing vocals.

"This is more hard rock," Donegan affirms. "It's got edgy moments, but there's more melody across the board. We had the chance to experiment as well. There are acoustic guitars and some electronics even. It's different all around."

On May 7, the A Life By Design? album pre-order with an instant download of the first single "First of the Last" will be available on iTunes.

Donegan and Wengren's Disturbed partner-in-crime, David Draiman, is busy with his own side project. His Device band just released their self-titled debut album.