Any wrestling fan knows what a jobber is -- at least by his role, if not the actual industry slang used to describe him. A jobber is the wrestler who participates in a match and always got his ass beat handily.

"I am writing a movie about those dudes," Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams told Noisecreep. "It's a documentary on the dudes who lost. They call them jobbers because they are there for the job. I got offered to write the documentary, so it's me learning from these dudes. And at the end, I go out and 'job' a match and get beat up in one minute."

In essence, Williams is going to write the jobber movie, learn to be a jobber, and then he actually becomes a jobber. The guitarist hasn't given too much thought to what his wrestling moniker will be, though.

"Maybe I'll grow a goatee and be called 'Billy Goat.'" He also isn't going to practice the pile driver or diving from the top rope. He is going to take his beating like a man, saying, "I hope it looks like I get destroyed. I don't want to do anything offensive. I want to get beat up."

He has respect for the Buddy Wolfs and Buddy Landells of the world, who "got the s--- smashed out of them for literally a minute first match. If you were going against Ultimate Warrior, it was 30 seconds, because he couldn't wrestle. They body slam you and then you are on the ground."

Williams isn't looking to make a bummer movie, a la the terrific but soul-crushing 'The Wrestler,' either. "Most documentaries about wrestling end depressing, so I want these dudes to get glorified," he admitted. "When you were kid, you worshiped wrestlers, because they did smoke a dude in one minute -- and the dude who got smoked got paid."

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