It would be recommended not to hold your breath for a new album from the reformed Disembodied. It's going to happen. Don't worry about that. But the influential hardcore band is not rushing into the studio, as bassist Tara Johnson told Noisecreep. They haven't even written a song yet.

"It will happen when it happens," Johnson laughs embracing the newly relaxed attitude the band has gained since their 11-year absence. But this isn't to say they haven't begun writing. They are just taking their time. A looming cloud always forms over any band's return when it comes to new material. "There is probably a bit of pressure on [guitarist Joel Johnson] to write songs that sound like Disembodied versus stuff that he'd write if he didn't have to write something that sounded like Disembodied. It's a fine line of him writing a f---ing thrash fast song or try and keep it slow and heavy. I think he's just trying to find a good balance."

Johnson admitted it's been weird to return to the crawling riffs of Disembodied. When the band first broke up, drummer Justin Kane and the now-married Joel and Tara formed the much faster Martyr A.D. With former Martyr A.D. guitarist 'Chaz' Johnson in Disembodied now, a speedy pummeling sound wouldn't be too surprising.

But the band does have riffs ready to build songs from. "They are f---ing awesome," she assures. "We're going to record the heaviest record ever, basically. We need to get these special guitars because of the way we are going to be tuning. You just can't do it on a regular guitar." She wouldn't go into many details on the guitars. It's all very hush hush. For now, at least.

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