Killer Lyrics: Distant from myself / Finding my wounds are as good as gone / Buried alive / I am conscious and breathing / Buried alive

If you ever find yourself seeing Deception of a Ghost live, you'll most likely hear the 'In Case You Forgot' as part of their set list. "This song shows a great deal of what we are and is a great song we love to play," vocalist Blake -- just Blake -- told Noisecreep, "this being the opening song for the recor, I think it says a lot of what you can expect from the album altogether."

Blake was referring to the North Carolina metalcore band's sophomore effort, 'Speak Up, You're Not Alone', on Bullet Tooth Records. His motivation for the lyrics come from a particular personal experience involving the band. "I wrote it in an understanding that so many people do things in a mindless and heartless manner," Blake explained, "and that's a subject I wanted to address at that particular time in my life."

He continued, "I wrote this song right when I joined this band, and I would say it definitely reflects what I felt about music at the time and what I was going to do with it. This song says if you're going to do something, do it with heart, desire and consciousness."

Deception of a Ghost will tour the U.S. starting Sept. 1 with A Hero a Fake and Corpus Christi in support 'Speak Up, You're Not Alone'.

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