It was a good thing that Corey Taylor had his coffee when submitting a quick interrogation from Metal Hammer while at Download in the U.K. last month. The singer, who fronts Slipknot and Stone Sour when he's not writing books, is starting to get a wee bit burnt out. He offered an update on Slipknot's future, and his desire for a minute off, even though he probably won't take full advantage of such an endeavor.

“We're doing a handful of shows this year and then probably, maybe towards the end of the year, the beginning of the year, we're going to start throwing new music at each other, see what happens," he said regarding Slipknot." I've got three or four song songs written. Joey [Jordison]'s got a bunch of stuff written. Jim [Root]'s got some stuff. It's finally starting to feel like the time. It's the perfect time to do it, we're all in good spots. We've all been able to grieve and feel it, so it feels like the right time to do it." He's referring to the 2010 death of bassist Paul Gray, which was a massive blow to the band.

Taylor also admitted he is in the market for some time off, and it's well-deserved. Who wouldn't want a few moments (or weeks!) to rest after pulling double duty and doing things like playing 20 -- yes, 20 -- Slipknot songs at Download? That's like going 20 rounds with Mike Tyson ... in his prime. While Taylor is an iron man, even he needs --and deserves -- a break.

He wants to get back to what's important: being a father. "I am f---ing shot, dude," he explained. "After the Stone Sour European tour, I’m just gonna be a dad for as much time as I can be. There’s a few book signings … I’m going to ComicCon, with a lot of money because I’ll be spending a lot of money." Indeed, Taylor's comic book geekdom is well-documented! Even though the singer wants some time off, he admits he might not take advantage of it. Watch Taylor discuss Slipknot, time off and other topics in the Metal Hammer video interview above.