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Vote for the Most Anticipated Release of October 2013
The fall is always a banner period for new music releases and October promises to be a great month for hard rock and metal lovers. But with so many great offerings en route, we're asking you, the music fans, to tell us which new release you are most wanting to pick up.
Favorite Aerosmith Album – Readers Poll
There's no denying Aerosmith's place in hard rock history. The band has been responsible for some of the most memorable licks and when it comes to vocals, there are few that hold a candle to Steven Tyler's raspy delivery and lyrical gymnastics. This Readers Poll reflects on the band&a…
Favorite Mastodon Album – Readers Poll
As the 21st century arrived, Mastodon led a new wave of sludge metal acts that began to emerge and in a very short time they've become one of the most respected acts in rock and metal. This Readers Poll asks you, the Mastodon fans, to let us know which of the band's albums is your favorite…
Favorite Rage Against the Machine Album – Readers Poll
The '90s were a time for change in the hard rock world, and while grunge was offering one fresh option, there was Rage Against the Machine creating their own path and influencing many other acts to follow with their rap metal sounds. Our Readers Poll salutes the pioneering rockers by asking you…

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