Pearl Jam Reveal Drum + Guitar Features for 'Mind Your Manners'
In anticipation for their upcoming album 'Lightning Bolt', Pearl Jam recently uploaded an isolated drumming video featuring Matt Cameron for the album's first single, entitled 'Mind Your Manners'. Additionally, the band's YouTube channel also contains a newer clip of guitarist Mike McCready discussing the single's punk-influenced sound.
Kill Devil Hill's Rex Brown Signs Hartke Endorsement Deal
Former Pantera and current Kill Devil Hill bassist Rex Brown continues to hammer out some of best low-end around and now he's doing that with the help of Hartke amplifiers. Brown recently announced that he is accepting an endorsement deal from Hartke and will be making his debut as a member of the Hartke team during an event in New York City next month.
Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Discusses Evolving Use of Technology
Mike Shinoda is a huge driving force behind the success of Linkin Park. In working with the band, he wears many hats, including songwriter, producer, guitar player and vocalist. Shinoda was recently interviewed in a video released by Dell Computers as part of its ‘Celebrating Achievement through Technology’ campaign. In the video, Shinoda talks about how technology and computers help shape his mus
Green Day’s Mike Dirnt Shows Off His New Signature Basses
Mike Dirnt has been holding down the low end in Green Day since the beginning. To Green Day fans, he’s known for pumping out fast bass runs that cut through the song, and that often play key melodic roles. Part of his unique bass presence comes from his old, worn Fender Precision bass. He recently partnered with Fender to design two new P-basses that have the look and feel of the original Precisio
Blue October's Justin Furstenfeld Talks Minimal Gear + Big Sounds
Blue October has been playing and recording for almost 20 years, and frontman Justin Furstenfeld has been writing songs for just as long. The band just released their seventh album, ‘Sway,’ and Furstenfeld talked with Music Radar about the band’s new direction and how his stripped-down approach to playing guitar has affected the new album’s sound.
10 Searing Replacement Pickups for Hard Rock + Metal
Sonically speaking, the pickups in your guitar are at the forefront of your tone. Everything within your pickups -- such as their number of windings, the material and thickness of their wire, and their magnet type -- can have drastic effects on your tone's feel, sustain, punchiness and response. As such, many metal players oftentimes replace their stock pickups with hotter ones for more gain and aggression. It's a cheap mod that's relatively painless to perform and a hell of a lot cheaper than trying to fix the issues with a new guitar, amp or pedal.
Geezer Butler to be Honored at Bass Player Live! Awards
Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler changed rock music forever with his ultra-heavy bass playing and sound. He practically wrote the book on heavy metal bass. Now he and some other bass-playing rock legends will be honored at the 2013 Bass Player Live! convention.
Motley Crue’s Mick Mars Shares His Guitar Collection
Serving as lead guitar player for Motley Crue, Mick Mars has gone through a ton of guitars throughout his career. He recently shared some stories about his huge guitar collection in an interview with Guitar World. He mentioned some old favorites, how he felt about the pointy guitars of the '80s, and what his favorite guitars are now.

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