Burnt by the Sun

Is Howard Jones out as Blood Has Been Shed's frontman? That's the rumor these days, given Burnt by the Sun frontman Mike Olender has been working with the band in recent weeks. Jones had told Noisecreep this spring that he would be involved in the album's creation, despite his demanding duties fronting Killswitch Engage. "You have never heard anything like this," Jones told us back in March.

But now, reports are surfacing that Olender has been working with the New England band on the new disc, tentatively titled 'Enloco Tacoa,' but there has been no official announcement statement one way or the other from either Jones or Blood Has Been Shed.

"I'm working with them on some stuff for the new record," Olender says. "I'm finding that it has been very difficult for me to step up to the plate just because of the fact that I got so much out of my system with the last record [Burnt by the Sun's 'Heart of Darkness'], and I'm in a very interesting time in my life right now that's very hopeful. It's hard for me to feel inspired to write in the way that I would need to for something like Blood Has Been Shed or Burnt by the Sun. I'm really not sure what the future holds."

Killswitch drummer Justin Foley is also a member of Blood Has Been Shed. We will bring you more on this story as it develops.

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