Bullet for my Valentine

Welsh metal sensation Bullet for My Valentine have posted their new video for 'Your Betrayal' on their label's website. The clip features the band performing behind a wall of flames and in front of a wall of windows depicting images of trendy, hot chicks. In fact, the clip is filled images of attractive, but disturbed babes, including one smearing her face with mud and dirt and another pulling holding onto ropes as if waterskiing.

At one point, animated splashes of red fill the screen behind a girl's head, and throughout, cursive words like 'greed,' 'envy' and 'gluttony' -- three of the seven deadly sins -- flicker almost subliminally. There are also shots of decaying meat covered in maggots, creating somewhat disturbing symbolism equating people with meat. Clearly, frontman Matt Tuck is pretty unhappy about a recent 'betrayal' and is getting the frustration of his chest with the song.

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'Your Betrayal' is the first glimpse at Bullet for My Valentine's upcoming album, 'The Fever,' which comes out April 27. The intro to the song includes a passage reminiscent of the Darth Vader music in 'Star Wars,' and the rest of the song is a mid-paced commercial metal track that features vocals ranging from whispers to screams to sugary Avenged Sevenfold-style melodies.