If you haven't had the pleasure of witnessing or experiencing a Bring Me the Horizon show, you can mimic the sensation by watching the band's video for 'Can You Feel My Heart.' But that's not all the British band offers in this creepy clip.

There's loads of performance footage mixed with an eerie narrative that finds the masked and cloaked beings stalking and then performing an exploratory procedure on an unsuspecting young gentleman who bleeds thick, black blood.

Something --a microchipped key maybe?-- is extracted from the prey's belly and if you're squeamish, you might want to look away because it's undeniably difficult to watch. But the suggestion is that he's being freed from something or someone else as this item is removed.

The young man eventually ends up in the jungle, perhaps with a new lease on life? Watch it and draw your own conclusion. Bring Me the Horizon give you some contextual clues, but the rest is up to you and your imagination.