There's lots of black, lots of leather, lots of eyeliner and lots of young love in Black Veil Brides new video for 'Rebel Love Song.' If this indeed a rebel love song, as Andy Biersack sings in the chorus, it needs an appropriate video that celebrates rebel love. In this case, footage of the Brides performing is spliced with a narrative starring two teens who follow their hearts even when it seems like the entire world is against them.

The Brides are performing at night outside of the Fox Theater with their name on the marquee. They really do sport lots o' leather. The plot centers on a young couple, who drive around in a convertible, go on the run, crash in a hotel, get tattoos, shower together and go to a carnival. It's a fitting clip for the track.

Check out the video below.

Watch 'Rebel Love Song' From Black Veil Brides