Motörhead exist in a class all by themselves. Band leader Lemmy Kilmister and company have been satisfying the world's need for heavy, fast, raw rock and roll for nearly 40 years, and they still rock harder than most anybody else. Lemmy makes playing bass look cooler than anybody else who's ever tried. They have influenced almost every metal band that has come along since they formed, and have inspired more than a dozen tribute albums.

Lemmy has shown up in videos with other bands, including the Foo Fighters video for 'White Limo,' and in the video for the Probot song, 'Shake Your Blood,' alongside Dave Grohl, doom metal legend Wino and the Suicide Girls. And of course, Motörhead has produced a ton of music videos themselves. Strap in! This is our list of the 10 Best Motörhead Videos.

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    From: 'March or Die' (1992)

    Written by Lemmy, Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde, the Motörhead version of this song ended up on the soundtrack for the film 'Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth.' The Clive Barker-directed video features Motörhead playing for an always hard-to-read Pinhead, as well as plenty of footage from the film.

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    'Life's a Bitch'

    From: 'Inferno' (2004)

    The stellar Motörhead track 'Life's a Bitch' was on the 2004 album 'Inferno,' and rocks just as hard as anything they've done in the past. The video shows Lemmy starring as a crime lord, surrounded by gun-toting beauties. It also features a guy performing some high-flying martial arts for some reason. Why not? Whatever the reason, it's awesome enough to get a spot on our list of 10 Best Motörhead Videos.

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    'I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)'

    From: '1916' (1991)

    The early '90s were not-so-kind to many rockers, fashion-wise. This is probably the closest Motörhead ever came to being dressed in the lastest styles (except for in 1975, when they bought all the clothes they still seem to wear today). Despite the clothing choices, this song is still pure Motörhead fury and who can argue with a blistering live performance backed with a bevy of beauties!

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    'Iron Fist'

    From: 'Iron Fist' (1982)

    The video for 'Iron Fist' shows off some of the spectacular live show the band was putting on at the time. The whole thing was set off with a giant robot fist on stage, opening and closing. This song also showcases Lemmy's awesome bass skills, riffing at a breakneck speed.

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    From: 'Sacrifice' (1995)

    This video, featuring clips of war footage, along with a red-eyed Lemmy, is Motörhead's outcry against the foolishness of war. The song is one of Motörhead's heaviest ever, with a huge, driving drum beat and thick riffs that pound your skull. We're not sure what the sexy nurse and women in bikinis have to do with war, but we'll just go with it.

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    'Please Don't Touch' (with Girlschool)

    From: 'St. Valentine's Day Massacre' EP (1981)

    When Lemmy heard Girlschool back in 1979, he said they were "f---ing excellent" and had them open for Motörhead. They eventually collaborated to form Headgirl, and recorded the 'St. Valentine's Day Massacre' EP. The single 'Please Don't Touch,' a cover of a Johnny Kidd and the Pirates song, became one of both bands' biggest hits at the time.

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    From: 'Bastards' (1993)

    This ode to chaos and mayhem is fast enough to give your eardrums blisters. The 'Burner' video is simple and straightforward, featuring the band playing while screaming fans riot to the song. The stark black and white imagery is the perfect setting for Lemmy to let us know he is "the voice of broken glass" and "the voice to drive you mad at last." About time, Lemmy!

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    'Ace of Spades'

    From: 'Ace of Spades' (1980)

    Even if you don't know Motörhead, chances are you know 'Ace of Spades.' It's the perfect anthem for living fast and dying young. The video is simple enough, giving fans a taste of the band's high-energy live show, but this song doesn't need much help to catch your attention.

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    From: 'Orgasmatron' (1986)

    Like 'Sacrifice,' 'Orgasmatron' finds the band delving into the motivation of leaders who send hordes of people to die in the name of some vague ideal. This is one of Motörhead's slower songs, with the beat and guitars pulsing in an almost hypnotic rhythm. Even though it's not as fast as most of their songs, it's definitely one of their heaviest. No list of the 10 Best Motörhead Videos would be complete without this clip.

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    'Killed By Death'

    From: 'Killed By Death' (1984)

    'Killed By Death' may possibly be the best song to describe the Motörhead way of life. Capturing the purest essence of the '80s, the video starts off with parents telling their spandex-clad daughter she can't go out in public dressed that way. Lemmy comes to the rescue, exploding through the wall on his motorcycle. He seems unconcerned by the police chasing him as he speeds down the road. It's that rebel spirit that we've come to expect from the band that makes 'Killed By Death' No. 1 on our 10 Best Motörhead Videos countdown.