David Lee Roth high-kicked and squealed his way into the hearts and minds of millions when he served as the ostentatious singer of one of the biggest bands in the history of rock, Van Halen. The group was among the first acts who rose to prominence just as MTV took the world by storm and Diamond Dave was the perfect frontman for this new era of music videos.

The loud and charming rocker took to the the spotlight with ease. No matter what he's doing, be it martial arts in leather pants or being dressed up as some crazy character, Dave always looks like he's having a great time. After Van Halen, Roth went on to a lengthy and successful solo career, and he created some of the most popular music videos ever made. Check out our list of the 10 Best David Lee Roth Videos.

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    'Just Like Paradise'

    When David Lee Roth went out on his own, he enlisted the talents of legendary players Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan and Gregg Bissonette. 'Just Like Paradise' was on the group's second album, 'Skyscaper.' Just to make sure everyone knows how extreme Diamond Dave is, the video features shots of him swinging from cliff to cliff high up in the mountains. It also features Steve Vai's crazy three-necked, heart-shaped guitar.

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    'Jump' was the first and only Van Halen song to reach number one on the Billboard charts. That alone secures this track's spot among the 10 Best David Lee Roth videos. Many moments from the clip have become iconic Diamond Dave images, especially the shot of him high-kicking over his own head. And in leather pants, no less.

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    'A Little Ain't Enough'

    From the album of the same name, 'A Little Ain't Enough' didn't get much attention. Even though it was overshadowed by the then-exploding grunge movement, this album is still a favorite among die-hard DLR fans. The video for 'A Little Ain't Enough' features a dancing Dave along with lots of bikini-clad ladies.

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    'California Girls'

    Roth brought the Beach Boys to a whole new generation of fans with his cover of 'California Girls.' The video shows his love of theatrics, as it starts off with a Twilight Zone-inspired introduction. The singer plays a wacky tour guide, showing tourists all the lovely female attractions of California.

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    One of the poppy, guitar-driven singles from Van Halen's album '1984,' 'Panama' contains one of Van Halen's most iconic shots, with bassist Michael Anthony swinging from a wire while playing his Jack Daniels-shaped bass. And let us not forget some of Roth's suggestive stage moves that left a memorable impression on the viewer.

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    'Going Crazy'

    Dave is pretty funny as the fat record executive in the video for 'Going Crazy.' His comedic showmanship gains this track a spot on the top ten videos of David Lee Roth. The song is a strong, catchy rocker that sounds about as close to Van Halen as Roth ever came in his solo career. The rolling synths would be right at home on Van Halen's '1984.'

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    'Oh, Pretty Woman'

    The video for Van Halen's cover of 'Oh, Pretty Woman' gets into the bandmembers' different fantasies. The intro shows a young woman, tied up in the street and being harrassed by two short men in red suits. This intro got the video banned from MTV. The guys come to her rescue in various forms. Bassist Michael Anthony is a samurai, drummer Alex Van Halen is Tarzan, and Eddie is a cowboy. And with a nod to his legendary ego, Diamond Dave is Napolean. At the end, they discover a surprise.

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    'Yankee Rose'

    After leaving Van Halen, Dave came back swinging hard. 'Yankee Rose' was the first single Roth released from his solo debut, and it came with all the same enthusiasm and panache fans had come to expect from the master entertainer. The video features Dave dressed up in the same face-paint and head dress he wore on the album's cover, as well as some chaps sans pants (or underwear, apparently.)

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    'Just a Gigilo'

    The video for 'Just a Gigilo' came out at the height of Diamond Dave's theatrical phase. Playing on the popularity of 'California Girls,' 'Just a Gigilo' was an over-the-top production. No list of 10 Best David Lee Roth Videos would be complete without it. Roth plays a music veejay with the dream of entering the world of music videos. He laments his loneliness while crashing the sets of other popular acts, such as Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper.

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    'Hot for Teacher'

    Taking the number one spot on our list of top ten videos starring David Lee Roth, 'Hot for Teacher' marks a turning point for Roth and Van Halen. It's one of their most memorable displays of theatrics and storytelling. The band helps poor, nerdy Waldo work through the crush he has on his sexy, unsuspecting teacher (depicted by Playboy Playmate Lillian Muller). Then there's the adorable kid-versions of the band members. Regardless of the clip, the pink tux dance routine deserves a spot in music video history on its own merits.