Already headliners back in their native Sweden, Avatar are set to invade North American shores next month when their 'Black Waltz' album hits stores. Incorporating elements of death metal, industrial and traditional hard rock, the group has an intoxicating way of weaving huge hooks into their songwriting.

"My dad was a big fan of The Beatles and The Kinks, and my mom was really into classical music, so that was the kind of music I heard when I was really young. When I was really little, it was the heyday of Michael Jackson and the 'Dangerous' album, and I loved that.

"I guess the big turning point, for me, was when my older brother turned me onto heavy metal when I was 12. My teenage years were mostly about hard rock and metal, but I've always been open-minded," vocalist Johannes Eckerström tells Noisecreep about his eclectic musical upbringing, which also helps explain Avatar's adventurous sound.

Check it out for yourself in the Noisecreep premiere of 'Let It Burn,' the first single off Avatar's upcoming 'Black Waltz' album.

Listen to 'Let It Burn' From Avatar

Avatar shot a video for the title track to their album, 'Black Waltz,' which can be seen below. Directed by Johan Carlén and shot in Sweden's largest amusement park along side the notorious American circus side-show act, Hellzapoppin, the clip is definitely one of the most entertaining videos that has come across our desk as of late. FEARnet put it best when they stated about the video: "It's the most fun you'll ever have with a condom and a power drill!"

Watch Avatar's 'Black Waltz' Video

Avatar's 'Black Waltz' will be out on Feb. 14. Pre-order the album at this link.