2Cents have a terrific booking agent, because the band always lands the types of tours that other bands would sacrifice their testicles in order to get. They've opened for Killswitch Engage, Five Finger Death Punch, Shadows Fall and Static-X to name a few, and they just wrapped up a tour supporting Korn. They'll spend July and August with Seasons After and Taking Dawn before embarking on Black Label Society's travelling circus, the newly-launched Berzerkus Tour.

"We are so strikingly good looking," drummer/lead vocalist Adam O'Rourke told Noisecreep about his bands capacity to nail killer touring slots. "Just kidding. Our agent has gotten us on some pretty radical tours, and we've been nothing more than grateful and we are amazed that we were travelling as direct support for Korn! It was a good time."

Given the caliber of bands that litter 2Cents touring resume, O'Rourke had a hard time picking a favorite but eventually settled on Korn. "They took care of us," he said. "And we had our own bus to ourselves, for the first time in our lives, so we were like kids in a candy shop. Five Finger and Shadows Fall was one of the better tours. Everyone we wind up going out with turns out to be rad dudes and we rock out and have a good time. There is not too much attitude or ego, and it's a family vibe."

O'Rourke is most looking forward to seeing the crazy, rabid fans come out to the Berzerkus tour, too. "It'll be an honest, full blown rock 'n' roll face party," he said. "I don't know what that means. I am like a Mad Lib; I string together adjectives and hope the make sense. Our music is aggressive and hard-edged with an emphasis on good melody and that doesn't mean poppy melody. It can be incredibly hard and melodic. The example I give is 'Walk' by Pantera. He can hit those notes. He has a growl and uses a screech, but if you break down the notes on a scale that he is singing, it's a great melody. We try to use melody as a tool to give it an edge or bite, not to introduce a melodic part."

Additionally, O'Rourke is quite the creative type. He used to be in Shakespearian plays when he was young lad. "It was a whole theater group. I was pretty damn good. I was holding it down 'Midsummer Night's Dream," he said. "I was like 10-14 years old. I had, at the time, five or six plays memorized, front to back, every line. It was a weird little kid and all the weird little kids were in drama, so I got into that and then theater group. It was kids who liked crazy music. Then I started playing drums and then I got into music and transitioned."

"Dress to Kill" is out now and you can head over to 2centsmusic.com for five dollar downloads of the record. "Buy our record so I can move out of my mom's house," O'Rourke joked.

2Cents tour dates

7/24 Tempe, AZ @ The Clubhouse

7/25 Tucson, AZ @ The Rock

7/27 Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep

7/29 Abilene, TX @ Midnite Rodeo 3

7/30 San Antonio, TX @ Zombies

8/01 Little Rock, AR @ The Village

8/02 Jackson, MS @ Fire

8/05 Greenville, SC @ Handlebar

8/09 Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club

8/10 Hartford, CT @ Webster Underground

8/15 Sioux Falls, SD @ Nutty's North