Guitar deity Zakk Wylde and wife Barbaranne expanded their family on July 4, when son Sabbath Page Wielandt Wylde entered the world at 11:40PM. Sabbath joined the Wylde's brood of three.

The Black Label Society leader and former Ozzy Osbourne sidekick took to Twitter to share several absolutely adorable shots of his pride and glory. Pun intended, since Wylde was once in a Southern rock band of the same name back in the 1990s.

The infant, who is named after Black Sabbath, Jimmy Page and Wylde's father Jerome Wielandt, a World War II veteran, is precious, and is a foil for his burly and bearded father. The shot of Wylde holding the little guy captures a sweet and tend moment in time. But then again, Wylde is a big teddy bear who just so happens to speak loudly and carry a big axe.

Sabbath joins sister Hayley Rae and brothers Hendrix and Jesse. Hendrix's godfather is former L.A. Dodger/New York Met/metal fan Mike Piazza, while Jesse's is his dad's former boss Ozzy! Who will end up as little Sabb's godfather? We're excited to find out!

Check out photos of Sabbath Wylde at Zakk's Instagram page.

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