During a recent show in Spokane, Pearl Jam granted a fan's request to rock out onstage to his favorite song in return for the band getting a chance to shear off his long dreadlocks to the audience's delight.

The fan requested the high-energy track, 'Brain of J,' just so that he could headbang with his long locks last one final time before Eddie Vedder got the clippers out to take away each strand, one-by-one.

The stunt gave the fan a chance to not only meet the band that he came to see, but also gave him a the opportunity to have Pearl Jam play the song he most loved -- and a deeper Pearl Jam cut at that. But in return, the long dreadlocks, which he likely spent years cultivating, are now gone.

This Readers Poll asks you if you would pull a stunt like having your head shaved just to meet your favorite band or have them grant your song request. Would you sacrifice something so personal just to meet your favorite band? Vote in our Readers Poll below: