Everybody is doing it, or it seems to be the case, but playing one of your band's albums in its entirety is the "deluxe edition version" of a concert. To do this, a band has to have a back catalog that people are clamoring and drooling to hear pounded out live. A band that has this is Clutch, with nine full-length albums and numerous live recordings under their belts and a die-hard fan base on their side. We here at Noisecreep asked drummer Jean-Paul "JP" Gaster if they'd play an entire album live. "We would certainly consider it," JP laughingly said.

When asked what album he'd consider JP paused and replied, "I'd have to say 'Elephant Riders'," Clutch's third full length, "it was a record that defiantly grew on me more over the years. That was a difficult record to make but I still go back and listen to that record and realize we learned a lot of things making that album, and I'm proud of my playing on that record. That would be a good one to do."

But for a band like Clutch playing a whole record in concert could take out the elements that keeps fans lining up tour after tour to see them; the excitement of the unexpected. Clutch is known for sudden jam and improv sessions sparked in the middle of sets and an ever changing set list on tour that keeps fans guessing what's coming next. "Every night a different member of the band makes the set list and because of that you are going to get a pretty wide variety of songs," JP delightfully says, as this is one of his favorite parts of the band's live show.

But overall it's not something JP totally rules out saying, "The idea of playing an entire album is not a bad idea. We should do that."