Singapore grinders Wormrot traveled halfway around the world to play a month's worth of shows in America. They had Tomb's Mike Hill to guide them along the way, driving them from city to city. Many times they stopped at Walmart, Target and one of the band's favorite places for grub: Denny's.

In their hilarious tour diary, band manager Azean Rot honestly said, "You U.S. people are so lucky you have [Walmart]!" That's not the kind of statement you'd typically hear from a metal punk, but that's how excited Wormrot were to travel the States.

Within the band's first performance, they won metal bloggers' acclaim. From MetalSucks to Crustcake, Wormrot warmed grindcore hearts in New York City and all over America before ending their first U.S. tour back in New York, at Brooklyn The Party Expo on Oct. 6. Other bands on the bill included Noisecreep's N.Y.C. local favorites Demilitia and Mutilation Rites.

"Another new one!" was frontman Arif's line of the night. It served as any song's introduction when the vocalist wasn't thanking someone and, of course, when it wasn't a new song. The show space, a former storefront for party supplies, was big enough for a rampage of a mosh pit. However, late on a Thursday night the crowd only had enough energy for a hot tub whirlpool of a mosh pit.

Wormrot only consist of three instruments: guitar, drums and ripping vocals. Yet all three aspects are substantial enough -- like fellow three-piece grind group Magrudergrind -- that Wormrot don't need anything else. The riffs are interesting and sometimes rather weird, and drummer Fit has that Mick Harris energy.

You can check out the Wormrot/I Abhor split.