Winds of PlagueA lot of metal dudes dig Halloween, but Winds of Plague singer Johnny Plague takes it to another level. He works for the Halloween Department of Knotts Berry Farm in his Orange County hometown, playing a deranged, chainsaw-wielding clown, scaring the bejesus out of customers during the 30 days of Halloween attraction, dubbed Knotts Scary Farm.

He also is an avid amusement park devotee and even tossed out his wallet and showed us his a variety of memberships to parks, including a season pass to Raging Waters and Universal Studios, a Disney Annual Passport and his Halloween Haunt Knotts Berry Farm ID card.

Being in a touring band aids in his ability to check out different theme parks throughout the U.S. "Me and [bassist Andrew Glover] tried to go Sea World Water Park in Florida, since there is a water slide with a clear tube that goes through a dolphin enclosure," Johnny told Noisecreep. "But the line was too long. We played the Hard Rock at Universal City Walk in Orlando, so we snuck into their Halloween Park. I like Halloween parks the best. I work at the Knotts Park, and I love that more than I love my band. It is more fun."

Keyboardist Kristen Randall claims the vocalist is "obsessed" and that he watches the Knotts Halloween DVD while on tour. "I sit online on message boards about Knotts Halloween park while we are on tour," he admitted. "We did the Danzig tour last Halloween, so I missed working there last year, but I worked there on Halloween for the past five years."

He admits that he has "made people pass out and pee their pants and cry" while chasing them with his weapon. Customers don't have to sign release forms, either. "They just pay a lot of money and enter at their own risk," he admitted. So all you O.C. metalheads that go to Knotts during the Halloween season, look closely at the clown with the chainsaw, as you may just be a fan of his band!