Skillet are most definitely on a roll and the veteran rock band is looking to keep the momentum going with their new 'Rise' album, due in stores June 25. As the band builds to the release and what promises to be a big summer, Noisecreep and Loudwire are teaming up to bring you the opportunity to win a special deluxe 'Rise' merchandise package!

Obviously heading the package is the band's new album, 'Rise,' which has already yielded the hit single 'Sick of It' and includes such standout cuts as 'American Noise,' 'Rise' and 'Not Gonna Die.' The giveaway also comes with a 'Rise' t-shirt, so you can properly represent the band and promote their album in one fell swoop, a pretty awesome guitar pick necklace and a red Skillet wristband. The full prize package can be seen in the entry form below.

'Rise' marks a bit of a challenge for Skillet as it serves as their first-ever concept album. The story behind the album follows an American teen coming into adulthood trying to figure out who he is and where he fits in a world that is sometimes beyond his control.

Frontman John Cooper says, "The narrative idea happened after we had 10 or 11 of the songs chosen. As we recorded them, we started to realize that there was something going on -- that the album was really telling a story. Realizing that, I knew we needed to make it as powerful as we could."

Skillet will hit the road this summer, with the Carnival of Madness trek on the horizon for the latter portion of 2013's hottest months. Their itinerary can be seen here. As for the 'Rise' album, it's currently available for pre-order here. If you wish to enter to win the Skillet 'Rise' Merchandise Package giveaway, just fill out the form above. The contest ends July 22, 2013, so be sure to enter now.