Over the last decade plus, there have been few bands as prolific as Rise Against, cranking out a wealth of hard rock hits along the way. The group is digging a little deeper with their next collection, offering the self-explanatory 'Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides & Covers 2000-2013.' Rise Against is teaming with Noisecreep and our friends at Loudwire to give you a chance to win this great package.

But the band is upping the ante a little bit, adding their John Hancock's to the both the CD and vinyl that we're giving away as part of this package. It's a pretty cool thing considering that not only are you getting material that the band sweated over in the past decade plus, but they personally are signing the copies and giving their personal stamp for you.

This set features material that has been knocking around the vaults, pre-dating even their early years at Fat Wreck Chords. Frontman Tim McIlrath says, "Common wisdom tells us that a B-side is just a song not good enough to make the cut. While I think that logic can apply sometimes, I think it's short-sighted. See, the songs that really aren't good enough, you'll never hear. They never make it outside of our practice space. If we finish a song, bring it to the studio, write lyrics, and see it to fruition, then it becomes one of the children that make up a family of songs. If we weren't proud of it, it would have been scrapped along the way. We have fast songs and slow songs and political songs. We have personal songs and dark songs and positive songs. We aim for balance on each record. Every song is like one of our children; some just get orphaned. The songs are the lost children of Rise Against.”

Rise Against's 'Long Forgotten Songs' collection is available for pre-order via the band's website in a number of bundle options. But if you would like to enter this contest, simply use the entry form above. For official contest rules, check here. The contest ends Sept. 5 at 11:59PM ET.

Watch the EPK for Rise Against's 'Long Forgotten Songs' Collection