OK, so North Carolina isn't exactly known as a hotbed for power metal bands, but that hasn't stopped Widow from doing what they do. Founded over a decade ago , the power-trio has released three studio albums of high grade metal that has garnered them all kinds of acclaim from the famously fickle message board elitists.

Now signed to a German label called Pure Steel Records, Widow are returning with their first album in four years, 'Life's Blood.' Noisecreep has partnered with the band to bring you the exclusive premiere of 'Take Hold of the Night,' a killer track off the upcoming record.

Listen to 'Take Hold of the Night' From Widow

"This song really sums up what Widow is about," Widow guitarist Chris Bennett tells Noisecreep. "It's about taking charge of your good time, and never giving up until it is perfect. Whether that be your girlfriend or boyfriend, your party, or just life in general! It's up to you to make things what you want them to be, and don't stop at the top!"

Widow's 'Life's Blood' will be out on Nov. 11th via Pure Steel Records.