WhitesnakeWho knew rock concerts are loud? Sometimes really loud? Maryellen and Kevin Burns filed a lawsuit against rockers Whitesnake after a 2003 concert. The couple argued the show caused permanent hearing loss. The show, held at Boston's Orpheum Theatre, was part of the Mmmm ... Nice Package Tour, featuring Scorpions and Dokken.

The venue and promoter were also named in the lawsuit. The suit argues that the couple was asked to move to seats closer to the stage. A piece of staging was blocking the view from their original seats. Once moved closer, the couple found themselves next to a large speaker.

According to a hearing loss expert, the speakers had "the potential to blast music at a volume anywhere from 2 to 22 times what is considered 'acceptable exposure' to the human ear."

As a result, Maryellen Burns claimed long-term hearing loss.

In the end, a judge sided with the Burns and the couple was awarded $40,000 in damages.