Judas Priest and Whitesnake teamed up for one of the biggest rock tours of the summer. But now Whitesnake is off the bill.

Fans started wondering if something was wrong in the Whitesnake camp when the band recently canceled a gig in Phoenix, Ariz., because frontman David Coverdale was recovering from laryngitis. Last night in Morrison, Colo., Whitesnake rejoined the tour, but Coverdale cut the set short after just four songs due to issues with his throat.

Officials with the Whitesnake camp just released a statement, explaining that Coverdale is suffering from severe vocal fold edema and a left vocal fold vascular lesion. Complicated medical terms aside, Coverdale just can't risk his voice right now. It seems there isn't any permanent damage -- and doctors want to keep it that way. This means doctors told him not to sing for two weeks, and that pretty much put the kibosh on many of the remaining Priest/Whitesnake shows.

Right now, no word if any band will take Whitesnake's place on the bill. Pop Evil serves as the opening act on the tour.