We normally like to let bands work and not interrupt them while they do their thing in the studio, but our friends in Whitechapel were gracious enough to check in. "We're really excited to be in the studio recording a new release," guitarist Alex Wade told Noisecreep. "I think it is definitely the most brutal and aggressive music we have written to date. Fans of 'This Is Exile' are definitely in for a treat, as well as I think it will help us gain a lot of new fans. We're making an effort to put 110 percent into this album, with everything from the music to the artwork."

While artwork is a lost, well, art in 2010 -- what with the advent of downloading and music fans not seeing music as a full sensory package -- Whitechapel are making the effort to pay attention to the extra bells and whistles that are a part of the album.

"We feel like the artwork for albums in this day and age just gets put on the back burner, like it's not as important as the music itself, but we believe that it is," Wade said. "Dusty Peterson is handling our artwork for this album, and his dark and brooding hand-drawn style really fits our music well. We were really shooting for having such great artwork that owning the album is almost like owning a piece of art, which gives our fans even more incentive to actually purchase the CD, rather than download it."

Whitechapel have even released a video blog showing them working and having fun in the studio.