So, yesterday, we posted a story about producer Jason Suecof, and some of the parodies he's created over the years, mocking some of metal's biggest names. The story actually contained audio of one such parody, called "Shadows Balls." But if you didn't actually read the entire story, you may have missed the tune. We'd like to extend you a second chance to hear the glory that is "Shadows Balls," so just click this link, and listen to the hilarity. Its Thursday morning, and New York City is still freezing, and still rainy. This has to be the strangest June we've ever experienced. Here's to hoping this weekend is the complete opposite of today. Enough of the build-up...its time for White Noise, and an update on Bretgate 2009. Here we go.

+ It seemed as though, from all those statements issued by Bret Michaels' camp, and then, by Bret himself, regarding his recent lip-splitting incident at the Tony Awards, was build up to some potential litigation.

But the Poison frontman tells People magazine that he's not planning any legal action against the awards show's producers, even though his clock was cleaned by a stage prop. "I want to make very clear to everybody that - first and foremost - I was honored to be asked to be at the Tonys," says Bret. "I'd never done it before and in all my life it's not something I thought I'd be on. I was really excited. There's no lawsuit. I'm not doing any of that. I'm taking the high road."

+ This is going to be one hell of a tour. Motörhead is teaming up with Reverend Horton Heat (if you're unfamiliar with this band, go out right now and pick up 'The Full Custom Gospel Sounds of the Reverend Horton Heat' today) and Nashville Pussy for a North American trek that gets underway August 28 in Minneapolis, Minn. Dates are booked through September 20 in Austin, Texas.

+ By now, you've heard the Dillinger Escape Plan (above) have inked a one-record deal with Season of Mist Records for their fourth studio offering, 'Option Paralysis,' which will be in stores early next year. Well, now, guitarist Ben Weinman says the boys have created an "official creative umbrella" called Party Smasher Inc., which will "represent our collected efforts on all things Dillinger-related." Personally, White Noise can not wait until 2010.

+ Morbid Angel's David Vincent discussed his return to the fold in a recent interview, and says the band's "[picked] up as if there was no gap, just picking up where I left off." He said the band's "started working on some new material for all the right reasons... good vibe, really organic, it felt good, we were all having fun and that's a great reason to do something you know." He also talked about his religious beliefs, admitting that he is affiliated with the Church of Satan.

+ Queensrÿche frontman Geoff Tate says the band is in discussions to create a stage musical version of its 1998 classic 'Operation: Mindcrime.' Earlier this month, Adam Pascal, a Tony Award-nominated actor and singer, said that he would be collaborating with the band on the project, calling it a "dream" he's harbored since his teen years. Queensrÿche has apparently given Pascal permission for the project, which would revolve around a brainwashed drug addict, Nikki, who becomes an assassin and seeks the love of a reformed hooker-turned-nun, named Mary.

+ Saviours have started working on their third album with producer Phil Manley, and hope to have the disc ready for an October 13 release. According to a press release, the as-yet-untitled LP will feature "insanely dynamic" songs boasting passages containing "three part guitar harmonies."