When I was a little kid, Halloween costumes were lame. Every fall, our local department stores would stock up on all these plastic costumes that were as flimsy as a garbage bag, and if you weren't interested in the previous summer's blockbuster or whatever cartoon was all the rage at that moment, you were s--- out of luck. We hate to sound like that old dude from your neighborhood who's always yelling at kids to get off his lawn, but you youngsters have it good. Our pals over at Metal Sucks (if this site isn't daily reading for you, you're a pinhead) have found some awesome Halloween costume options for kids who love riffs. Walmart is hawking two costumes, one of which is called the 'Metal Mayhem Child Costume,' and our only question is this: Is there a 'Metal Mayhem Adult Costume,' because this thing's rad. Hey ... it's way better than dressing your kids up as Transformers, no?

+ Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones is in bed. According to the band, he's got "a gallstone issue and has been told by his doctor that he should not leave his bed until further notice." That means Killswitch will have to postpone their upcoming South American tour. Howard "is currently getting proper medical care and hopes to be on his feet and in less pain by the end of the week, at which time we will determine how soon we can reschedule these South America dates. Killswitch would like to apologize to their fans in South America for this setback and want to assure them that the band has every intention to make up these dates in the near future."

+ Here's a shocker. Turns out Biohazard bassist Evan Seinfeld and his wife of seven year, porn star Tera Patrick, have separated. While the couple "remain the best of friends and business partners" (Seinfeld's taken to appearing with Patrick in her films), they just can't keep their marriage together. "Tera is a huge star and a benefit to both adult and mainstream entertainment," Seinfeld says. "I feel fortunate to have shared so much of her life and career. She is forever in my heart."

+ Madball frontman Freddy Cricien will be releasing a solo album called 'Catholic Guilt' on Nov. 4.

+ Rush will release a best-of live album, called 'Working Men,' on Nov. 17. The set will also be released as a DVD. The disc features a dozen tracks, including 'Limelight,' '2112' and, of course, 'Tom Sawyer.'

+ Here's some good news for former the Red Shore bassist Jamie Hope. He has been found not guilty of driving dangerously and causing the death of the band's late lead singer Damien Morris and roadie Andy Milner back in late 2007. Three other men also suffered serious injuries in the accident. Hope, who is 23, had pleaded not guilty to five charges including dangerous driving causing death, and his defense argued that it was not a case of dangerous driving, but a tragic accident.

+ Sevendust are recording a new album, and they've secured Disturbed's producer Johnny K to helm the effort. The disc should be out sometime this spring.

+ Korn will be playing an intimate concert on Oct. 24 at Pepperdine Smothers Theatre in Malibu, Calif., as part of a benefit for local pre-school program the Garden of Childhood. Isn't that nice?

+ If you want to hear Horse the Band's new song, 'Horse the Song,' then head on over to Buzzgrinder. They're streaming the track at this very moment. Of course, HTB's new disc, 'Desperate Living,' hits stores on Oct. 6.