Making it in the music industry is a Herculean task, and two new documentaries take a different approach in spotlighting the vagaries of the business. 'Welcome to the Machine' spotlights the many steps in getting your name out there, and 'Hair I Go Again' is a slightly humorous look at two close friends who attempt to succeed as a rock band that's blessed with flowing locks.

For a more nuts and bolts approach, 'Weclome to the Machine' discusses the importance of creating promotional contests and navigating the media in cultivating a band's momentum. Even though innate talent could win out for some groups, knowing the business side of success is also a huge factor in a band's longevity. Some of the A-list acts interviewed in the project include members of Papa Roach, Disturbed, Halestorm, Buckcherry, Bullet for My Valentine, and Megadeth. The producers of the project claim that their main goal is to "answer the question (on) what the every day work life of a music star looks like." The documentary will be released on DVD Aug. 6 and the trailer for the film can be seen above.

'Hair I Go Again,' a documentary whose moniker is an obvious yet funny homage to a popular Whitesnake song, centers on two middle aged buddies who try to return to their 1980s rock roots. Now a bit long in the tooth and without all that glorious hair, the guys are trying to recapture what little music magic they actually had. The documentary is interspersed with appearances from a slew of popular bands from yesteryear, featuring members of Winger, Tesla, Motorhead, Warrant, Quiet Riot, Saigon Kick, and Firehouse.

The video for 'Hair I Go Again' is pretty funny, especially when it's discovered the band's name was Tryxx. Check out the documentary trailer below and let us know if 'Tryxx' has a few more you-know-whats up their sleeve.