In the latter part of this decade, there has been something of a neo-thrash revival. Whether it's new bands popping up and paying homage to the sound and image -- with white high tops and all -- or legends like Testament releasing a new album, thrash has experienced quite the resurgence!

Warbringer are part of this movement, with vocalist John Kevill telling Noisecreep, "It's a good thing overall, as it's the true sound of heavy metal. In my mind, modern metal doesn't cut it, as to what I look for in heavy metal. There are good bands, but the old days were better. People may be saying this [sound] was already done in the '80s, so it's irrelevant. But that's like saying you can't do orchestral anymore, because it was done in the 1700s. You can do it. It has a unique sound that deserves to be heard. It's the same with thrash. Music is sound. Sound makes you feel, and it's timeless."

The band released 'Waking into Nightmares' earlier this year via Century Media, but they're already working on new material. "[Guitarist] John [Laux] and I are sitting in our holes, putting together new ideas during the down time," Kevill also said.

Original bassist Andy Laux has also just returned to the band, which Warbringer are incredibly excited about. Kevill didn't go into details about why prodigal son Laux left and came back, cryptically saying, "There was some inter-band politickin,g and we never felt it was fair, and we had personal problems with [replacement bassist] Ben [Bennett] and couldn't tolerate it. So we said that Andy can have his spot back, since it's rightfully his."