It's been 20 years and Wacken Open Air is still louder than hell. With bands like Bullet for My Valentine (at left), Dragonforce, In Flames, Napalm Death and many more, it's no wonder the legendary fest sold out months in advance. The fest runs from July 30 to August 3, 2009 and features dozens and dozens of bands on seven stages.

Wacken Open Air has (rightfully) earned the distinction as the biggest metal festival in the world. Each year, the sleepy German village of Wacken is overrun with crazed metal heads, ready to drink at the fountain of true metal. Something like 70,000 music lovers travel from all points of the globe to party at Wacken. Hint: it's not all br00tal. Bands like Bai Bang, Thin Lizzy, Anthrax and Lacuna Coil make this fest great for the entire spectrum of rock and metal.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of W.O.A., German metal goddess Doro Pesch recorded a special anthem for the fest. Aptly titled "We Are the Metalheads," Pesch will perform the song live at Wacken on July 30.

Tickets: sold out, but good luck with brokers! Don't worry ticketless metal heads: Wacken organizers offer a live stream of all the fun!

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