Michael Poulsen, who fronts Danish rockers Volbeat, collapsed 30 minutes into the band's set Sunday night in Holland, and was rushed to nearby St. Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg, where he was treated for exhaustion and flu-like symptoms.

According to reports, Poulsen complained of chest pain and nausea before buckling halfway through 'A Warrior's Call.' He also suffered fatigue and reported having upper respiratory discomfort and coughing in recent weeks. In short, the doctors think constant touring has taken a toll on Poulsen. Video of the collapse has been made available online.

Leading up to Sunday's gig, Poulsen was struggling with the flu. He performed regardless, and even informed the audience at the start of the concert that he was feeling ill. After he collapsed, the rest of the show was canceled.

In a statement on the band's Web site, Poulsen says he's doing fine. "Ten minutes before stage time I felt really bad and dizzy, and my whole body was really heavy," the statement says. "I felt weak and I had chest pain while breathing. I only remember playing the two first songs. Every time I was trying to breath I felt dizzy and couldn't see anything else but sharp light."

Doctors told him it was crazy to play the shows while he was sick, and "they were surprised that it didn't happen to me earlier. All the tests they did at the hospital were fine, and every thing looked good. Actually, I'm in really good shape and my heart and blood are fine. I'm sorry to let you people down, but in my heart I know you understand, and I thank you so much for your concern and kind words and support."

Volbeat will be on the road with Metallica, supporting the band on its U.S. tour, starting Dec. 5.