Danish metal quartet Volbeat, who play melodic hard rock with Elvis Presley-influenced melodies, will return to North America for a two-week coast-to-coast run in August. The band will canvas as much of the country as possible on this efficient, economical trek. Their fourth album, 'Beyond Hell/Above Heaven,' will also be released in the U.S. sometime in 2011.

Vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulsen told Noisecreep the band will tour Europe and America through 2010, playing new songs along the way! Since the tour is so tightly routed, Poulsen said that he hopes "we have time to walk around, would love that" when it comes to seeing the sites -- besides venues -- in America. Poulsen also said that the album will have few surprise guests, so stay tuned for more info.

Dommin is the opening act on all the upcoming Volbeat tour dates, while the Sleeping are direct support Aug. 13-20. Direct support for the West Coast dates has not yet been confirmed.