Metal legends Voivod have signed to Century Media. The leaders of Quebecois progressive metal will drop Target Earth on Jan. 22 of next year, which will mark the start of the band's 30th anniversary celebration. Voivod were founded in January 1983, so this times up perfectly.

"Our goal has been to find a partner for Iron Gang Factory to help get new Voivod music to the world and Century Media, we are proud to say, is the right company to do so globally. We can't wait to release, tour and promote Target Earth," the band said in a statement. [Via Press Release]

North Carolina's Between the Buried and Me allowed fans a keyhole view of the pre-production sessions for what would become The Parallax II: Future Sequence. Watch the progressive metal band arrange the songs and come up with song titles as they prep the 12-track, high-concept album, which drops via Metal Blade on Oct. 9. [Metal Sucks]

Bobby Blotzer called out his Ratt bandmates in a recent post on his personal Facebook page. The drummer, who now is also a member of Geoff Tate's version of Queensryche, wrote the following:

"Hey peeps, I really appreciate the loads of positive feedback about the grouping with Geoff and company. Alot of questions about the state of ratt surfacing as well. Those should be directed in the direction the usual suspects in Ratt's disappearance , warren and Stephen. Ive exausted myself for two years with those two. Im sorry for all the B S they have fed false info to fans. Not ment to be mean, just exausted with un reasonable people." [Metal Sludge]

Watch Ratt's 'Best of Me' Video

Bullet for My Valentine guitarist Michael "Padge" Paget is currently recovering in the hospital after undergoing back surgery. [Blabbermouth]

Female-fronted Norwegian noise quintet Blood Command will issue the self-produced platter Funeral Beach on Oct. 30. The band leads a sonic assault thanks to technical dissonance and melodic passages, along with thunderous percussion. Vocalist Silje said, "On our previous albums, our song-writing was more primal and more impulsive. This is the first album where we were being perfectionists from start to finish, being very choosy in our guitar sounds, how the vocals sound. It's much catchier but also much heavier!" Rawr! Bring it, broads! And we mean that lovingly.

Don't take our word for it, though. Listen to "Cult of the New Beat" below and bang your noggin!