Underoath certainly have been viewed as leaders in the Christian metal scene, and while they're proud of their individual beliefs as Christians, vocalist Spencer Chamberlain said the band is "not in a place" to call themselves "leaders" in the ministry band scene. Hey, you can't get anymore honest than that, right?

"A lot comes with it," Chamberlain told Noisecreep about that label. "It's not about judging or pretending you are better. Being Christian is about your personal relationship with God and how you take it personally. When it comes to us being a Christian band, all I can say is you grow up and you may not be on the same page you used to be."

He continued, "Some people are exactly where they were when band started. Others are in different places in their lives. I can say that we're not in a place where we are 'leaders' right now. We are not feeling like a ministry band. We're not going against what we believe. God is in my life -- hands down -- and I will talk to you all day long about that. But it's not the right thing to call us 'leaders' of the scene right now."

Before you fans cause an uproar over those statements, Chamberlain continued, assuring fans that "nothing is different than it was four or five years ago. We are not perfect people and are not like worship bands, because we don't write songs glorifying God. We write music about life, but we are honest about being Christians in a band. We're not going back on our beliefs."

Underoath are currently on tour.

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