Italian power trio Ufomammut, whose name is a combination of UFO and 'mammut,' the Italian translation for 'mammoth,' have crafted a codified new album in the form of 'Eve,' a 45-minute atmospheric track divided into five distinct movements which act as a living homage to the first woman to inhabit the Earth and who caused the downfall of Adam and mankind. It's like a sonic 'The DaVinci Code.'

"We started in thinking about our fifth album at the end of last summer and the idea was to work on a sort of concept album, like 'Meddle' by Pink Floyd," the band told Noisecreep. "We came up with a lengthy song and five shorter satellites. We noticed the main song was getting longer and longer, so we thought it'd be better to focus on it. We had the feeling it had to move around the idea of rebellion and knowledge, so Eve came into our minds. She was the perfect shape: a divine blood rebelling to her creator to give knowledge to mankind. And her name was three letters, the number of perfection."

Once this ball started rolling on the concept, the numerical slices of the album started falling into place. Or spiraling out of control Besides the deep-rooted meanings regarding Eve, the official release date, the number of tracks on the album, the overall timing, the number of formats the album will be presented in and just about every other aspect of the release are tied into the story of Eve.

The band continued, "We noticed there were some numbers occurring in Eve, some of them unintentional and strange coincidences. 'Eve' is the fifth album, a single song divided in five movements. The release date we chose for the album came 10 years after 'Godlike Snake,' our first record and if you take 5/5/2010, you'll have a lot of multiples off five. Day 5 plus Month 5=10, which is a decade, and 10 (5+5) + 10 (decade) = 20, which is the first two numbers of the millennium 2010. At the end, 20 is 4 times 5 and the song is 44':44'', so 4 times 5."

Still with us or is your head spinning? "You can also consider that 'Eve' is three letters and it's a [44 minute and 44 second] long song. If you add the letters of Eve to the sum of the numbers of the timing, so 3 + 16 (4+4+4+4), You'll have 19 and 1+9 is again 10. If you do 5/5/2010 is 5+5+2+1=13 1+3=4; 4, again, is the number of the timing, 44':44'. Well, we could go on with these things for months," the band said.

The codes are tucked deep inside the record and aren't so obvious to the non-discerning eye, even though we've just revealed a bulk of them. "We've buried the codes in our Death Valley, like Bobby Beausoleil did with the reels of 'Lucifer Rising' soundtrack," the band said, referring to actions of the Charles Manson follower who is currently incarcerated "We don't want to hide it, because it all came out naturally. We've always taken a lot of care about every aspect of our music: the sound, lyrics, artworks, the titles. We try to make them work together. This time, it seems that we've done a better job, intentionally and unintentionally."

The band admits it likes symbols, saying, "Sometimes we can control them to give shape to our thoughts. Other times, symbols acts like living things and move our actions in unconscious ways. We cannot reveal everything, because music is something undefined and mysterious and every listener can find his own 'secret code.'" The band invites fans to play with numbers and symbols and see what they come up with, but emphasize that they hope you like the music first. Musically, the band says "it's soaked with a lot of synth sounds and distortions, echoes, delays, a little messy hell ..."