Two women got into a serious fight with bouncers at the Infest reunion show in Los Angeles yesterday (Jan. 13). They were relentless and resilient, even though they were getting turned away consistently by bouncers trying to keep the peace and defend themselves.

The Infest show went off without a hitch despite the fracas outside the venue, The Echo in Silverlake. It was the first show by the L.A. powerviolence pioneers in 16 years, but the opening act was certainly the side show taking place on the sidewalk.

According to the L.A. Weekly, concert attendee Zack Reese said that the two brawlers had paid to get in but were kicked out for some reason or another. They tried to gain sympathy from the bystanders by yelling "assault" when it was they were attacking security.

You get a flash of one of the girls' big, white granny panties in one shot, as she goes to hit a bouncer. The other is knocked straight to the ground when she tries to hit the bouncer.

It's embarrassing for the girls, that's for sure.

Reese said the actual show itself was great, with no BS banter about "the old days" in between songs.

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