Ten years ago, no one could have predicted the popularity of the folk metal scene. But here we are in 2011, and bands like Finntroll and Korpiklaani are booking huge tours and getting high-visibility rock magazine coverage. One of the most notable outfits in the folk metal world right now is Finnish sextet Turisas. The band just released 'Stand Up and Fight,' their third album, to glowing reviews.

Similarly to their previous records, Turisas look to the distant past for songwriting inspiration. The lyrics on 'Stand Up and Fight' album deal with the 11th century Byzantine Empire. Sweeping arrangements and layered production give 'Stand Up and Fight' an almost soundtrack-like quality.

Since their music has such a cinematic feel, Noisecreep asked Turisas vocalist Mathias Nygård about the influence that war films have had on the group's music.

"It's seldom the ones only about the fighting per se, but about the people living in times of conflict. A couple just from the top of my head are a German film called 'The Life of Others' that deals with East Berlin and STASI in the eighties, and a Hungarian film titled 'Children of Glory' about the Hungarian uprising in 1956," said Nygård. 'Both of those films have a 'grass growing through concrete' vibe about them."

We also wanted to know what Nygård thought about the current crop of action films that the big studios have been pumping out lately. "Well, I'm not a big fan of them," he answered. "Where old epic Hollywood movies used to look great and have amazing sets, nowadays everything is just computerized and ends up looking plastic."

Noisecreep thinks Turisas would be the ideal band to score a 'Conan the Barbarian' reboot. Nygård seemed intrigued – kinda. "Of course it would be interesting to be involved in something like that at some point, but it's never been the purpose of the band."

Turisas are currently on tour in support of 'Stand Up and Fight.'