Trust Company had a massive hit with 'Downfall' in 2002 before disappearing off the radar and going on hiatus in 2005. The Montgomery, Ala. band is popping back up on the hard rock radar with the new single 'Heart in My Hands,' which will appear on the band's forthcoming eOne debut, 'Dreaming in Black and White.'

While going on hiatus after achieving a healthy measure of success might run counter to the music business mantra of striking while the iron is hot, it was necessary for Trust Company to step away in order to get their groove back. So why should extreme metal fans care, since the band was hardly extreme? Because metal was what helped guitarist James Fukai work through his issues and gain a renewed perspective on his relationship with music.

"Personally, I needed a break from anything to do with the 'radio/label rock,'" Fukai told Noisecreep. "I started listening to any kind of music that wasn't in our genre -- mainly indie music, old country, top 40 pop and death metal. In addition, I became more involved with my instrumental metal band called Hematovore. All of this separation gave me a new perspective about what we used to do."

When the other members of Trust Company wanted to reconvene and give it another go, Fukai -- who bartended and worked as an information technology coordinator for Auburn University's School of Nursing in the interim -- was ready. "I was refreshed and excited," he said. "Everyone was. The confines of prior stigmas had lifted. The rest of the members were much more open to pushing their respective comfort levels, with regard to what we could and couldn't play. This idea to dissolve past confines is the most important component for me to 'get my groove' back." Fukai also runs sound for The Independent, a local club that he dubs "the best places to discover new talent."

Since Trust Company have remained out of the public eye for several years, locating and reconnecting with some of their earlier fans isn't as difficult as it might have been, thanks to the wonders of social networking. "I've been trying to reconnect through Facebook," said Fukai, who is the reluctant accountant/business manager for the band who keeps the books and pays the taxes.

This Fukai cat is certainly intriguing and, well, obsessive. He admits to being obsessive compulsive about avoiding waste, especially when it comes to food. "My band members and former crew know me as 'Caw Caw,' as in the scavenging crow," he admitted. He also has an obsession with college football, which he describes as "mild," while his wife calls it "wild." He brother Hiro was a guitarist for the Wailers, which is Bob Marley's old band. Their parents are both PhD holders, in the political science/sociology and physics disciplines, respectively.

He wrapped up our interview by saying, "I truly feel that we as individuals must learn think outside of the lines that are seemingly created for us. Value everything that the world offers. Distribute good energy and kindness. Respect all. Waste less." So if you weren't planning on checking out Trust Company's 'Dreaming in Black and White,' because of pre-conceived notions, let them go. And check out Hematovore, while you are at it.

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